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León comes from a breeder of Border Collies in the Stuttgart region in Germany.
Unlike the other dogs, Leon is very laid back and calm. He is very easy going and has a great focus.


Blue is the most affectionate of all dogs. He loves to cuddle and gets along with everybody. This intelligent and lovable dog comes from the same breeder as León.


Sam comes from a refuge in the north of France. He is a very active dog and loves to run and jump. Sam always enjoys doing exercise. He is the most athletic of all the dogs and has the most impressive jumps.


Sky comes from a refuge in the south of France. He is the most intelligent. Sky has a great memory and works almost completely without orders. This smart dog enjoys working and using his mind.


Zorro comes from a Belgian breeder. This mischievous dog is always trying to find ways to outsmart everyone with hilarious results. You can’t help but laugh seeing Zorro’s tricks.

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